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Group activities bring many benefits and advantages to both physical and online classes. Undoubtedly, there are many benefits of group activities and when used in an appropriate way, then they can end up promoting positive relationships among students. There are effective strategies for facilitating group activities in an online environment. These strategies can help trainers manage and resolve conflicts that may arise in online classrooms.


An adult trainer can have successful online group activities if the points below are covered:

  • Have clear guidelines;
  • Use appropriate tools;
  • Assign specific roles to the online learners;
  • Provide constructive feedback for online group activities to the online learners.


All in all, creating a positive classroom environment is crucial for student success. Group activities can play a key role in achieving this goal. An adult trainer can create a collaborative and supportive environment that promotes active learning and meaningful student engagement, by setting clear expectations, defining roles and responsibilities, establishing communication protocols, reinforcing guidelines , setting deadlines, providing clear instructions and rubrics.