EDL Platform

The EDL Platform is an online educational platform created for the Emotional Distance Learning project. It provides a variety of courses, modules, and interactive tools crafted to enhance emotional intelligence and facilitate personal development in the context of distance education.


An educational module is a self-contained section of instructional content found in an educational program or course. Its purpose is to address a particular topic or a group of interconnected topics, and it is usually organized to support focused and coherent learning. Educational modules encompass diverse materials like lectures, readings, multimedia resources, assessments, and interactive activities. These modules are typically arranged to guide learners in acquiring knowledge and skills in a structured and sequential manner.

Digital Tools

Engaging resources and applications incorporated into the EDL platform to enrich the learning journey, encompassing various elements such as videos, infographics, matching cards, and tutor cards, among others.

Interpersonal emotional skills

A specialized section that delves into the cultivation of emotional interpersonal skills. This segment places a strong emphasis on fostering adeptness in communication, collaboration, and relationship-building within the unique context of distance education.

Intrapersonal emotional skills

A section that concentrates on enhancing individual self-awareness, self-regulation, and personal growth. It aims to encourage a profound comprehension of one’s emotions and behaviors.

User account

Customized profiles established by individuals within the EDL platform, providing entry to courses, modules, and tools designed to suit their specific learning requirements.


The process of registering for and gaining access to the courses, modules, or tools within the EDL platform.

Progress Tracking

Users’ capacity to observe and evaluate their progress within the EDL platform, offering insights into finished modules and overall accomplishments.

Assessment Tools

Features in the EDL platform, like quizzes and self-assessment sessions, crafted to assess learners’ comprehension and application of concepts related to emotional intelligence.