Discipline and Classroom Management


Menace 12. Modules 23 and 24. Discipline and Classroom Management.   Put simply, discipline generally means regulating or controlling behavior in order to achieve something. And, classroom management refers to creating a safe, supportive, and productive learning environment. Discipline is necessary, individually and collectively, in order to manage a classroom. Educators and students alike should […]

Adaptation of materials and activities in online teaching


The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic led to an unexpected shift in the field of education, necessitating a rapid transition to remote online teaching. Teachers from various disciplines had to swiftly adjust their instructional materials and approaches to fit the online learning environment. This transition proved to be particularly demanding, especially for educators who were […]

Students fatigue


Menace 7. Students Fatigue. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we learnt about a number of types of weariness, including burnout-related fatigue, a lack of willingness to follow pandemic standards, and exhaustion that was a sign of infection. But what precisely is fatigue? Fatigue is different from being tired. Sleep helps the exhausted to recover. Fatigue, which […]

Concentration problems


Menace 11. Concentration Problem. There is no one who has not been impacted by the epidemic in 2020 and 2021, from an individual to an industry. As containment measures to manage the virus are put into place, it has caused school closures all around the world. However, distance learning enabled by cutting-edge technologies has enabled […]

Lack of communication


Menace 2 – Lack of communication Communication is the most important process in people life in general and learner’s distance learning in particular. Communication is the basis and integral part of all the learner’s activities in all spheres of life including distance learning. In fact, 93% of human communication is thought to be nonverbal (Mehrabian, […]

Technical problems


Menace 1 – Technical problems In distance learning neither the student nor the teacher can escape technology (Oluwalola, 2015). This causes some people to develop several negative emotions towards the new learning media (Oluwalola, 2015). These emotions may be an obstacle in the students learning abilities and their willingness to learn in distance e-learning or […]

Group Activities


Group activities bring many benefits and advantages to both physical and online classes. Undoubtedly, there are many benefits of group activities and when used in an appropriate way, then they can end up promoting positive relationships among students. There are effective strategies for facilitating group activities in an online environment. These strategies can help trainers […]

Fear of change


Fear of change Fear of change is the occurrence of moderate or intense feelings of fear, anxiety, uneasiness and sometimes anger in the face of change or of the unknown. While as humans we are wired to feel safe in what is known and we naturally fear the unknown, change is also part of life. […]

Emotional Distance


Emotional Distance People who are emotionally distant are unable to recognise and address both their own feelings and the feelings of others around them. This can either be a temporary state or it can be part of a person’s personality. Emotional distance in interpersonal relationships is a sense of detachment or disconnection between individuals that […]

Building rapport


Building rapport. Building rapport is crucially important in a safe and effective educational environment. Rapport means a good understanding of someone and an ability to communicate well with them. Rapport sometimes happens naturally. In other cases, building it might take time and a great deal of effort. When we create a learning environment for our […]

Attention keeping


Lack of attention In the wake of the pandemic and the ensuing shift to widespread online classes across all levels of education, the challenge of maintaining students’ attention has become a central concern for educators worldwide. This issue has touched virtually every teacher in one way or another, forcing us to rethink and adapt our […]

Poor time management


Poor time management among teachers encompasses their struggle to efficiently distribute time and resources to fulfil their educational responsibilities. This may involve a lack of clear priorities, a failure to plan, and inefficient time utilisation, ultimately leading to excessive workloads, missed deadlines, and reduced productivity. Similarly, poor time management extends to instances where students or […]